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No Activation Fee*

Unlimited Data

1 hour Activation**

Fast Local Support​

No Activation Fee*

Unlimited Data

1 hour Activation**

Fast Local Support​


$ 69 Monthly
  • Unlimited data
  • Best for browsing websites, emails, social media and light use of streaming.​


$ 79 Monthly
  • Unlimited data
  • Best for family with multiply screens, gaming consoles and home offices.
Best Value


$ 99 Monthly
  • Unlimited data
  • Best for big families, streamers, gamers, movie lovers and home businesses.​

* $0 activation fee is offered on 24 month contract with Standard or higher plans. ** Subject to the readiness of the carrier’s infrastructure.

Why ezinternet?

Easy Signup

Sign up with ezinternet. No hidden fee, no big words. Less confusion and quicker to connect.

Easy Setup

Ezinternet help you set up your account and WiFi router, therefore you don't have to spend hours learning how to do so.

Easy Support

Ezinternet is a Brisbane based company and our own field engineer team will come to you to solve all your Internet problems.

About Us


Ezinternet is a Brisbane based Internet service provider that offer super-fast internet at competitive price. Our team members have profound knowledge and extensive experience in telecommunications and software industries. Unlike other retail service providers, our team members are all qualified engineers. After working many years in this industry, we know that many people are having problems with their Internet connections, therefore we’ve built a smart system at the back end to make Internet easier for you.

Our Suppliers

Ezinternet provide the Internet services through our Wholesale Carriers including OptiComm, LBNCo and OPENetworks, who build the super-fast broadband infrastructures to connect your premises to the nearby data centres, where we connect your services from the data centre to the outside world. As open-access carriers, all of our wholesale providers follow the instructions and standards defined in the Australian government’s National Broadband Network (NBN) plan. To find more about the government’s NBN plan and other useful information, please click HERE.